The major research instrument of the MARProject is an artists’ survey. We are a big step closer to completion of this phase of the project because the survey is now in the hands of the partner arts service organizations for their review. Barring any major issues, it will be ready for distribution by mid-late next week. The survey data will be critically important to the life of the project as it will demonstrate need and the type of capital loans program that can support artists’ production.

I’d like to thank Joanna Reynolds of MaRS Impact Investing for reviewing our survey and talking with me about it. A big part of the journey of this project has been wrapping my head around social finance and how we as artists can tap into this new paradigm and I’ve done that head-wrapping while working on art projects of my own. In December, I benefited from a bursary to attend two forums at MaRS and it really moved me forward. The bursaries were provided by Ontario Trillium Foundation which is funding this research – thank-you!

When the survey is approved by the partners, it will be distributed via their networks. The link to the on-line survey will also be posted here and on the Microfinance for Artists Research Project Facebook page. All Ontario artists will be welcome to complete it and I hope for robust participation. The survey is quite lengthy and I believe the results will offer unique information on how artists finance their work presently and how we can benefit from loan capital.

Stay tuned!